1. Through the Eucharist we remember our transcendence in Ain (No-Thing), Ain Sof (the Infinite), and Ain Sof Or (All Conscious, Powerful and Present) even if we have not realized this state of conscious union yet. This ritual points to the reality of our Bornless Being beyond our present incarnation.

  2. More Jacob Boehme

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  3. Jacob Boehme

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  4. I AM; Our Bornless Being in the Divine

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  5. The religious authorities of the outer and unspiritual church – mainstream Christianity, have taken the keys to the kingdom from the faithful and have lost them, and they have set a religion of the demiurge, the ignorance, “blind faith,” in place of a spirituality of direct experience and knowledge, actual enlightenment and liberation. Thus, the Gospel of Truth, the teaching of true salvation – enlightenment and liberation, given by the Master has been obscured and lost. The way of true salvation is clearly stated in the Holy Scriptures, but very few understand what is being spoken, and even fewer enter into this self-realization or enlightenment experience.

    If you consider the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension – the revelation of the Risen Messiah, this is the revelation of the truth, reality, of our soul as we are in the Infinite One and Light Continuum; hence, the revelation of our transcendence. On one hand we may speak of the rite of ransom offered by Messiah Yeshua, but on the other hand the truth, the reality, of our divine nature, our bornless being in the Infinite and Eternal is revealed through this movement – our diving destiny is revealed to us. This corresponds with Adonai Yeshua as the Savior and Gnostic Revealer – one who reveals the Path of Return, the Path to Enlightenment.

    Tau Malachi, June 27, 2014

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  6. Descent of the “Divine Fire” down through the “Tree of Life” to reach and divinize – Malkuth - the Earth

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  7. 'Resurrection of Lazarus' by Vincent Van Gogh

  8. Osiris renews the harvest cycle in Egypt through his resurrection.

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  9. From ‘The Return of Persephone’ by Frederic Leighton


  10. "On a certain level, the crucifixion was a great mystical and magical act —- perhaps the greatest feat of divine magic ever performed. In submitting to the crucifixion, Lord Yeshua [Jesus] made his body a magical talisman of liberation. In effect, cosmic ignorance, the law, and karmic matrix were crucified (suspended), so that anyone who identifies with Lord Yeshua is “drawing near” and Yeshua made himself a vehicle through which others may draw near to supernal being."
    — From Tau Malachi in “Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah”