1. "I left the university in 1980, seven years before the human genome project was started because I already was aware that genes didn’t control life. … That’s when I started to advance into understanding about brain function and neuroscience. What I was really trying to find out is if it’s not the DNA that controls cells, then where is the “brain” of the cell?

    The new biology revealed that the brain of the cell is its skin, the membrane, the interface of the interior of the cell and the ever-changing world we live in. It is the functional element that controls life. This is important because understanding its function reveals that we are not victims of our genes.

    Realizing that my identity was something from the environment playing through my cells was the greatest shock to my world because I was completely thrown from a non-spiritual reality into the requirement of a spiritual existence. My cells were like little television sets with antennas and I was the broadcast that controlled the readout of the genes. I was actually programming my cells.”

    Bruce Lipton, Developmental Biologist

    (Source: brucelipton.com)

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